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  • Human Mobility 90% 90%
  • Psychoanalysis 25% 25%
  • Affect-Cognitive Studies 50% 50%
  • Comics and Immigration 30% 30%
  • Feature Films and Shorts 80% 80%


Language Teaching


Literature / History / Film Courses



Book Editions

El diablo de Yudis, Ahmed Daoudi. Eds. Ana Rueda and Constantin C. Icleanu. StockCERO Annotated Literary Editions, 2022.

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  • This edition of Daoudi’s novel attempts to reestablish and revitalize El diablo de Yudis’ role and prestige as the first modern book to explore the Moroccan immigration to Spain. This edition corrects many orthographic and grammatical errors, gives background to the Moroccan immigration of the 1990s, and analyzes the driving forces that push people to emigrate from Morocco.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Identidad, repetición y trauma: La violencia en los Hogares de Auxilio Social representados en Paracuellos.” Espectros del poder: Representaciones y discursos de resistencia en literatura y cine (s.XX-XXI) Ed. Persánch y Silva. 2019. Print. 

“Gastronomía, cómic y el cine como vías de sensibilización: Una entrevista con Santiago Gómez-Zorrilla Sánchez representante de la ONG española ACCEM.” Mester. 45 (1016/2017): 219-32. Web.

“Who Is the Public, and Why Is It After Me?: A Lacanian-Freudian Look at Mariano José de Larra’s Artículos and Life.” La Marca Hispánica 19 (2009): 58-68. Print.

Thesis and Dissertation

A Case for Empathy: Immigration in Spanish Contemporary Media, Music, Film, and Novels. University of Kentucky Thesis and Dissertations (2017): 1-312. Web. (To be made available for download July 25, 2019)

“The Functions of Guilt and Shame in Juan José Millás’ El mundo.” Brigham Young University Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (2010): 1-25. Print and Web.

“My Olive-Green Fridge and I: The Posthuman Identity in El púgil.” Brigham Young University Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (2010): 26-46. Print and Web.

Book Review

“Call and Response: Music and Immigration in Spain from 1980 to 2007.” Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea. February 2019. (Review of Rocking the Boat: Migration and Race in Contemporary Spanish Music by Silvia Bermúdez)



Spanish 3373: Culturas en contacto. Southern Methodist University. 2019.

  • A collaborative course between Dr. Denise DuPont and I exploring the connection of the medieval and early modern period to the current mileu of pluricultural contact in Spain as seen in literature and through the lens of history.

World Languages 3363: Immigrant Representations in Contemporary Spanish Cinema, Southern Methodist University. 2018.

  • This course is part of the International Film Studies minor at SMU and it explores broad ethics of immigration, how race affects immigrant reception, and how feature and short film directors represent immigrants in Spain.

Spanish 3311: Cultural Dialogues – Historical Survey of Spain – Prehistory to Present, Southern Methodist University. 2018.

  • With an emprahis on human mobility, this course traces the most important changes in the history of Spain and its autonomies.

Spanish 315: Introduction to Hispanic Literature, University of Kentucky. 2015.

  • This survey of Hispanic literature introduces students to literary studies and writing college level papers using argumentative theses and academicly sourced material.

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